“Muchmore captivates with a kaleidoscope of worlds and characters whilst indulging several genres; science fiction, fantasy and thriller.”

 -Kristiana Reed, Reedsy Discovery reviewer & blog editor for Free Verse Revolution

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Black Flowers

Many people think they know the South; the genteel hospitality, old fashioned values, and life lived at a slower pace. But there is another South, a stranger one unknown to outsiders, brimming just beneath the surface.

These stories explore that hidden world-within-a-world. A bizarre, distorted, fun-house mirror reflection of the culture you thought you knew.

A young biracial boy in the 1950s deals with cultural hostilities, a punk rocker faces down a two-thousand-year-old cult, a widowed man has an unusual identity crisis, and a Native American girl discovers enchanted woods through a doorway in her grandmother’s garden.

Welcome to the Weird South.


Professional Review

Muchmore captivates with a kaleidoscope of worlds and characters whilst indulging several genres; science fiction, fantasy and thriller.

There is no denying Muchmore can write, and write within a variety of genres. When I first began reading Black Flowers I was looking for something which moved through the poems and short stories; the religious allusions, the appearance of the devil and the evil of mankind. Yet, I soon realised it is Muchmore's talent for writing and his imagination which weaves these pieces together.

Some stand out more than others; 'To Kiss the Devil Goodnight', 'Woman' and 'Coda', which all explore humanity, our choices and the chances we are given, what it means to live and how easily lives are cut short. Whilst 'The Doorway in the Garden', my personal favourite, is absolutely magical. It is a story which celebrates family and ethnic origins, as well as delicately handling a child's struggle with death and grief.

By the end, I wished Muchmore's collection wouldn't end. Each story was different, original and tackled a new angle of humanity and society. Thus, despite my reservations at the beginning, this collection grows in strength the further on you read; soon you become captivated by the real and other worlds Muchmore portrays, and wrapped up in his kaleidoscope of characters. It truly was a pleasure to read.

-Kristiana Reed, Reedsy Discovery reviewer and blog editor for Free Verse Revolution

Customer Reviews

An intriguing work of art that can be read again and again….

Black Flowers takes the reader on a journey through multiple decades, into worlds that make you question the "status quo." Muchmore's collection of interrelated short stories and biting poems open up the world to a dialogue about good vs evil, tradition vs. Reality. He tactfully yet honestly examines a southern upbringing and existence from multiple points of view. I enjoyed growing as a person from reading the many tales of seemingly usual characters from viewpoints I had never considered. READER BEWARE: this is a page turner ! Muchmore somehow finds a way to Also implement sci-fi into this work. It's a must-read!

-Louise, Amazon customer

Brilliant read! Can’t wait to see more of his work

Jesse Muchmore’s first book is very promising. The short stories and poems are somehow connected, not by characters (although there are a few cameos) and events, but by an underlying theme of race and religion (and a dash of sci-fi). I love that he takes on these with subtlety. Each story is a page turner, although I find The Doorway in the Garden and Coda to be my favorites. Overall, great read. I’m excited to see more of his work!

-Janine, Amazon customer


The author masterfully slides you into a world of love, religion, race relations and history with a horror/sci-fi twist. Each story pulls you in further than the last. I thoroughly enjoyed "To Kiss The Devil Goodnight" and "Pulp Mythology" but my favorite is "The Gift". I can't wait to see what else the author has to offer.

-Kelsey Parker, Amazon customer

Great Read!

Muchmore uses the south as a canvas to develop a compilation of eclectic stories, written in a provoking and unapologetic style, that will take the reader for a surreal walk through some of the most hidden corners of the human experience. Highly recommended!

-Gonzalo, Amazon customer

Entertaining and thought-provoking

This book is a great collection of intriguing stories that immediately draw you in and really challenge your perspective of things and your sense of morality.

-Tanya, Amazon customer